John Branton | Music Teacher | BANGKOK

The first step of a long journey is the hardest. So get help!

"Based in Bangkok, Thailand, John Branton has been teaching piano, keyboards, guitar, drums and singing for over 3 decades. Whether you are already an accomplished musician looking to polish your performance, or a complete beginner, John will have you at ease from the off." Trevor C., Hertfordshire



I would like to congratulate Pantelis and Sissy Gertsos on the occasion of their marriage on September 7th 2005 and thank them for inviting me and letting Tony and I perform, it was a pleasure and honour. How the time has flown, on my last visit to Greece back in June and July examining for the LCM I was helped by their two sons, Theodore and George who also spent some time helping me to learn Greek!


As always a big thanks to all my friends in Athens who help to make the examinations run smoothly, in particular Pantelis, Nikos and Nassos. I managed to visit 4 times in the last year ( June 2011 to June/July 2012) and they were always on hand to help me and I have many happy memories of our times together.


To my friends Ken and Fiona Pimm, congratulations on your wedding and thanks for letting me play in the church during the signing.


I had the pleasure of examining in Malta last November 2011 and was very pleased to make the acquaintance of the representative there, Marc Galea. Brilliant musician, teacher and person. Thanks for letting me help with the proof reading of your book, it was an honour and the book is an outstanding accomplishment. You should check out

November 2012 was my first visit to Thailand and I went to Pattaya, Bangkok, Phitsanulok and Chiang Mai. It turned out to be life changing. I loved the people and the country so much I have been nipping back and forth ever since. I have spent a lot of time in Bangkok, examining, adjudicating a piano contest on my second examination tour there which also included a 17 day examination tour of Malaysia.  Now booked for another Malaysia tour which takes in Brunei and several other venues.



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